TInkan-Sponsored Call is another revolution in the mobile World. Advertisers can now target millions of subscribers even in the remotest area in Pakistan where it is difficult for them to reach their audience.

Tinkan Sponsored Call is one of the key areas for advertisers to plan their marketing budgets. it is a "Triple Win" situation for consumers, advertisers and telecom operators.

Tinkan-Sponsored Call Services is targeted, cost effective and provides great ROI's for campaigns.

Tinkan's very own proprietary technology enables advertisers to target location-based, demographically targeted and contextually relevant advertisements to its audience.

The TINKAN Service offers a new approach and alternate ways of increasing operator revenue sources by diversifying revenue streams from subscribers to advertisers and increasing subscriber loyalty (a triple win situation). With the onset of Mobile Advertising predicted to explode Sponsored Calls are seen as an important area for advertisers to spend their marketing budgets in and an excellent way to reach millions of subscribers.

Process Flow

Process Flow
Process Flow


  • An innovative & effective advertising channel
  • 100% accurate location based & time dependent profiling
  • Available with unique user, gender & age profiling
  • One to One marketing
  • Segmentation & Targeted marketing
  • Absolutely No spamming
  • Guaranteed contact moment-Every advertisement is heard
  • Increases customer satisfaction by offering highly relevant & appropriate advertising
  • Pay per impression/slots
  • Promote, Send out Vouchers or even prize lotteries
  • Online campaign management system (CMS)



Tech is an abbreviation for Technology and Navire is a french word meaning Vessel. Technavire is aimed at inventing sustainable innovative technology.

Management Team

Anvaar Masood Malik – CEO

Anvaar Masood Malik has done his BSc (Eco and Management) LONDON UK and BSc HONORS (Business Information Systems) RMIT University, Australia. He started of his career in System Analysis and Design in Singapore but then shifted to Banking as he shifted back to his motherland Pakistan in 2007. He was a senior level banker until now and is currently the CEO of Technavire Pvt Ltd and also looking after Tinkan in the same role.

TinKan is a product of Technavire Pvt Ltd. It is a revolutionary mobile advertising medium. This is a very smart and intelligent advertising medium that uses the data profiling of the Mobile users to intelligently target the market. TinKan has the potential to bring two giant industries of Media Advertising and Telecommunications together for the benefit of individuals being advertised to, in a way that has never been experienced before.

We at Technavire, have a dream for TinKan to be the next Big Boy in the Mobile Advertising Industry. This industry is still at its initial stage and it is already known to be the next generation of Advertising World. TinKan has the potential to take the Mobile Advertising Industry to a next level of 1:1 profiled targeted marketing campaigns. We believe that the growth potential of TinKan relative to other advertising mediums is far greater. The Technavire team believes in the TinKan brand worth. Even though this worth still needs to be defined, created, recognized and established.

Technavire is in the process of building a team of the best Technology and Marketing professionals that Pakistan has to offer from its talent pool. Top tier management team has already been selected and Technavire is lucky to have few remarkable individuals on board.

Expectations from TinKan is far from just making money or creating a world class known brand name. We want to create a platform where innovation is encouraged and celebrated. Technavire is a technology company. We do not specialize in Mobile Advertising or Smart Banking or Smart Power Metering, Technavire is an innovation craving firm and innovation will be our goal and aim.

Motto: Reason is the slave of passion

Driving Force & Motivation: My wife and family

Uzair Haq Goraya – Director Sales and Business Planning

Uzair Goraya has done his bachelors from LSE and is a professional banker. He is now heading Sales and Business planning for Tinkan and Technavire.

Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing.
You don’t win once in a while; you don’t do the right thing once in a while;
You do them right all the time.
Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

Driving Force & Motivation:
I am driven by the desire to achieve, to achieve the best and the simplest of the achievements, and that is happiness.



43-C, Commercial Area, Phase 4, D.H.A, Lahore, Pakistan.
Tel: 92 42 3611 9214